​      IstanbulCota Group Governance Infromation Tecnology Training LLC. provides management consulting , turnkey company formation, workforce & payroll services, corporate trainings, human resources services to who invest in Turkey. 


      IstanbulCota Group Governance Infromation Tecnology Training LLC.  is a group company, consisting of has full competence in their professional fields,  Lawyers, Finance Experts , Trainers, HR Specialist and  Software Professionals. Solution partners, to provide practical solutions to all business processes of companies and businesses, they combine their professional knowledge and experience. 


       With this solution group, consists of a powerful synergy of information across financial and legal regulations.  Our customers benefit from the knowledge and experience of this total solution group. In this way, businesses and companies the most innovative and appropriate solutions for their needs can find from a holistic solution center IstanbulCota.  


     IstanbulCota Solution Group, management consulting,  payroll outsourcing services, human resource management, auditing and training services, focused to support all aspects of your business.  Our group  partners, act in co-operation with you. Business processes and issues that your procedure is not compatible with local and international legislation, they show you the way.


    IstanbulCota Solution Group, versatile  vast experience and thanks to its dynamic structure, to companies are leading the way to not fall to the expensive cost traps.  Producing the most appropriate solutions, we provide the most cost-effective solution with our solution partners.


 Since our establishment, we have invested in, staffed, processes and technology, we will do.