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Accountıng - Tax Servıcess

      Accounting consultancy, keeping books and tax services are the main activities of our company.

     As İstanbulcota Group, we provide consultancy, bookkeeping and bookkeeping services to companies of all sizes, from SMEs to global companies.

     In parallel with the rapid development of technology trends, transition to electronic environment has accelerated in accounting-tax applications at Turkey. This process has made the financial structure and accounting processes transparent. However, businesses are not taking enough action in the face of the complex nature of accounting practices in Turkey carries a lot of risks. As a result, they face serious sanctions.

     In addition, it is very common that the enterprises that do not pay enough attention to the accounting process cannot benefit from the discounts and incentives provided by the State accurately and adequately. As a result, the enterprise faces more tax and insurance costs than it should be.

    As İstanbulcota Group, our four certified public accountantss (CPA), as well as Lawyers, Computer-Software Engineer partners, support our company in the fields of financial legislation, legislation and technology-informatics. In this way, we are able to provide useful solutions to our customers in the accounting-bookkeeping fields, in the areas related to accounting, with appropriate costs.