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       With our multi-faceted knowledge and long years of professional experience, we provide outsourcing services with high quality standards and low costs for the follow-up of accounting processes of companies and keeping legal books.


Accounting outsourcing services;


  • Tracking and recording of accounting transactions of companies according to Uniform Chart of Accounts

  • Financial analysis of the accounting situation

  • Preparation and control of cash flow and financial statements

  • Establishment and development of accounting system

  • Establishment and control of cash budgeting organization

  • Recording of the current, cash and bank transactions related to the purchase of goods, expenses and income invoices and company movements in the accounting system

  • Auditing of accounting records in accordance with tax legislation and laws

  • Accuracy of account balances by making buyer, seller, cashier, inventory and bank account reconciliations

  • Preparation of the financial statements in accordance with the uniform chart of accounts of companies (monthly, quarterly and annual periods) (income statement, balance sheet, cost of goods sold, cash flow statement, etc.)

  • Creating tax returns (VAT, withhoilding, corporate tax, income tax, stamp tax, temporary corporate tax, etc.) of the company, entering the system and accruing

  • Opening of company headquarters, factories and / or branches in tax office, SGK and regional labor directorates, obtaining registration numbers

  • Opening E-declaration and getting e-declaration passwords from SSI system

  • Preparation of monthly employee payrolls, creation of SSI declarations, receipt of accruals (for customers receiving payroll service or in the light of information prepared by the company)

  • Tax returns, tax payment accrual slips and accrual voucher of employee insurance payment to the customer for payment

  • Preparing the annual activity reports that should be submitted to the relevant ministries and submitting them to the relevant ministry after obtaining the approval of the customer.

  • Guidance on the accounting processes and the financial legislation of the companies whose accounts are kept within their own structure, advising on accounting systems for new projects

  • Notification of changes to financial legislation and tax laws to the company within 36 hours (circular services)

  • Following of company personnel legal process, monthly payrolls in accordance with the data received from the firm, overtime, additional allowances, absences, insurance, tax, net wage calculations and reporting of payroll to the firm