İstanbulCota Group® - Holistic Business Services in Turkey

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        Providing integrated business services, IstanbulCota Group® offers cost effective, innovative and pragmatic solutions to entrepreneurs. In this way, it aims to minimize the costs of entrepreneurs in the establishment and commercial activities.


      As İstanbulCota Group®, the services and support we provide to entrepreneurs are not limited to specific issues and sectors. 


     İstanbulCota Group® provides guidance to companies through its own resources, in addition to the company establishment, management consultancy, payroll consultancy, corporate training and outsourcing services. For example; In line with the requirements of a foreign entrepreneur who founded his company in Turkey, work permit application for residence permit applications, market research, product research, interpreting, personnel / labor, such as supply, fully in the company's needs, focuses on innovative solutions.


    İstanbulCota Group® is growing exponentially every year with cost-effective and integrated business services developed for all sectors and companies worldwide. IstanbulCota Group®, which is taking firm steps towards the sector leadership in its lane, makes continuous investments in technology and business processes.