If you do not need a physical workplace for your business during the company establishment process, you will keep your office expenses to a minimum by renting a legal address for the office address you need. You also does not pay general expenses such as dues, electricity, water, internet for the workplace.



To your needs in our Legal business address service ;​


  • We will take your company's mail and cargo to you in your name and inform you by instant mail

  • Your cargo and mail can be directed to a different address if you wish,

  • The telephone line assigned to your company is answered by a professional secretariat team. If you want, it will be transferred to your mobile phone. You will be notified in the situations you want and instantly be notified via your mail.



In addition in these with our solution partners ( Lawyer, Financial Advisor, Certified Public Accountant,  Software Specialist, Advertising Consultant ) ;


  • We are installing and designing your Web site,

  • We turn-key establishing your company, 

  • We are making your application for the Chamber of Commerce,

  • Business Card, Stamp, Invoice, Waybill etc. We prepare your documents,

  • Financial Counselor, we provide counseling for your accounting affairs,

  • We provide you with a staff member who will work part time and regularly provide you with information and reporting for your specific business needs, such as organizing corporate bills, debt and receivables, and meeting your customers.

  • For many of our needs, we provide package service privileges at a very reasonable cost.

It is now much easier to focus on your business with the Turn-key services offered by IstanbulCOTA Group

     You can make your business starts by taking the support of a professional team from IstanbulCOTA Group regarding the establishment of the company.

Company Formation

Legal Address Hosting

    You may keep your company's headquarters or branch office address as a legal  address, or use it as a mailing address, shipping address, or business card address.

Follow Of Mail Cargo

    Incoming mail and cargo will be delivered to you in your name. And instantly you will be notified by mail.

    A different adrese redirection can be done if you wish to receive your submissions received by our professional team. Your letter / envelope is scanned in the direction of your request and shared with you via mail.

Secretarial Service

      The calls that are received via the telephone line allocated to your company will be answered with the name of your company. If you wish, these calls will be forwarded to you or you will be notified instantly by mail.

Web Site Setup / Design

   From our software experts, you can get support for web site setup and design in line with your business needs and your needs.

Part - Time Staff

    We can provide a staff member who will work part time and regularly provide you with information and reporting for your specific business needs, such as organizing company bills, debt and receivables tracking, and meeting your customers.

    The part-time staff is insured by our company. You only pay the bill for the agreed service fee. In this way, you will not have any costs and obligations such as worker's insurance, withholding tax, compensation.

  How can we help you ? 

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Virtual Office - Legal Business Adress istanbul

Virtual Office Solutions 06.01.2021

Do you need a legal address for your company?

What is Virtual Office?


          Virtual office is an application that company owners do not need a physical workplace. For a new company / firm formation, a business address that can be officially displayed is needed. However, the lease of a physical workplace, the provision of goods, payments such as bills, dues and withholding can create a heavy burden for entrepreneurs. Virtual offices are an alternative at this point, especially for companies that do not need a physical workplace for their commercial activities, at very affordable costs.


Is Virtual Office Legal In Turkey ?


      Virtual office is legal in Turkey. As the Turkish Commercial Code in our A specific, virtual office addresses, Turkey is a completely legal and in accordance with the law. The important thing in terms of laws is that there is an address and communication channels to reach your company. If you want to establish a company and engage in commercial activities, but at the first stage you do not want to hire a business and get personnel for operational support, you will want to start with the virtual office in the first place. Thus, you can get rid of many workloads at affordable costs.


Can I Show My Home Address As A Legal Company Address?

      If you are working from your home in the Home office style, you may want to show your home address as your legal office address. However, in order to do this, you need to know that many conditions must be met at the same time. First of all, if the home is not yours, if you are a tenant, you must legally inform your landlord about the situation and obtain their written consent. In addition, according to the law, residents of the apartment must obtain written approval from other flat owners in order to be able to carry out commercial activities at this address.


    On the other hand; You will have to pay withholding tax of 25% of your home net monthly rent. For example, if your home net monthly payment is 2,000 TL, you will pay 500 TL (2,000 X 25%) withholding tax every month after the establishment of the company. In the use of virtual office, since you will receive an invoice for your monthly payments, you can show this invoice as a company expense and you do not pay any withholding tax.


Who Can Benefit From Virtual Office?


       All companies that do not need a physical workplace for their commercial activities can benefit from the virtual office. Limited companies, Joint Stock companies, Individual companies, Lawyers, Doctors, Architects, Engineers, Web designers, freelance employees, companies entering the liquidation process, etc.


What are the Advantages of Using Virtual Office?

     The biggest advantage of using Virtual Office is that the costs are very low. You can use the invoice you will receive for your monthly payments in your virtual office service, which you will receive with appropriate costs, as an expense in your company. In addition, you focus on your business without the hassle of additional costs such as electricity, water, dues, cleaning, security and withholding payments.


    You receive operational support. While carrying out your commercial activities independently and independently from your workplace, the cargo, mail, courier that comes to your company is followed and reported to you. In line with your needs, you get support for other needs at affordable costs.

Virtual Office Charges

Sanal Ofis Servis Listesi         Economy     Avantage    Platinium     Business


Sanal Office Adress Service                                                +                              +                              +                                +

Mail Cargo Courier tracking                                                +                             +                               +                                +

Legal Notification Tracking                                                                                 +                               +                                +

Official Address You Can Show on the

Tax Certificate                                                                                                       +                               +                               +

Phone number for your company                                                                                                        +                               +

Secretary Service                                                                                                                                   +                                +

Meeting Room Usage ( In a month)                                                                                               6 hour                 12 hour

High Speed Unlimited Internet Usage                                                                                               +                                +

Water And Hot Drinks In The Meeting Room                                                                                    +                                +

Provision of a work desk and its use in

working days                                                                                                                                                                            + 

Common Printer Usage ( 100 Page in a month )                                                                                                                   +​​​​​​​