Outsourcing - Outsource Servicess

    For companies that need to focus on their business activities and need development, outsourcing provides an effective solution for the needs of the company that they can not invest adequately but which are very important for the company, such as accounting, payroll, human resources, financial reporting and tax requirements.


      As IstanbulCota group, we provide unparalleled outsourcing services to our customers with our local and global experience for many years. Our clients benefit from the total knowledge and experience of our working group without paying an additional fee.

Our outsourcing services in this context are as follows;

1 - Accounting and Bookkeeping Outsourcing

  • Bookkeeping according to the Uniform Chart of Accounts

  • Confirmation of correctness by making reconciliations of account balances

  • Preparation of financial statements of companies according to Uniform Chart of Accounts (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, etc.)

  • Preparation of tax declarations and e-declaration services

  • Provision of legal books of account, making opening and closing certifications from notary public

  • Preparation of the notification and annual activity reports to be submitted to the tax authorities and the relevant ministries

2- Accounting Auditing

  • Controlling the monthly accounting records, correctness of the companies kept within the accounting

  • Control of financial transactions at the end of the period

  • Control of accuracy by comparing periodic tax declarations (provisional tax, corporate tax, VAT and concession) with accounting records


3- Accounting, Financing, Payroll Personnel Support Services

  • Firmalara, part-time, or full-time, qualified accounting and finance staff

4- Direct, Financial report preparation and interpretation service

  • Monthly preparation and management of business financial statements

  • Preparation and submission of cost reports

  • Interpretation of income and expense reports

5- Payroll Outsourcing Services

  • Monthly salary calculations and salary schedules of the management staff

  • Preparing salary payment lists in the format requested by the banks

  • Regulation of Monthly Payroll Drills and Reports

  • Yearly, making personnel allowances, and calculating annual leave allowances

  • Calculation of employee termination indemnity provisions

  • Receipt of monthly SGK notifications to the e-notification system and their accruals

  • Employee input and output notifications

  • Calculation of indemnity (seniority, denunciation etc.) of employees who leave the workplace (if necessary)

  • Preparation and maintenance of personnel personnel files

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