1- Our customers, who we serve, benefit from the total knowledge and experience of our working group consisting of fully qualified Financial Advisors, Lawyers, Computer-Software Engineers and Human Resources Specialists,


2- We offer a number of services from a single service provider, as a single invoice, as a package, with high quality standards and at very reasonable costs. ( management consulting,  company formaiton, payroll, outsourcing, website installation, legal business address-virtual office, work / residence permits , management consultancy, training services)


3- We produce special pragmatic solutions that are focused on supporting your business in all aspects, in line with your business requirements and needs. By guiding you to avoid expensive cost traps, we do not direct you to new costs as long as your available resources are sufficient.


4- We are providing the comfort and confidence that comes from the existence of a professional working group who follows, protects and develops your business in the face of financial legislation and laws. Against the risks that may be encountered, we ensure that you are prepared in advance.


5- As long as our business is sufficient and qualified, we do not make unnecessary and luxury expenses. In this way, we offer the highest quality service that our customers need at the most appropriate cost.


6- With the software company between our group partners, we are developing IT solutions with appropriate costs for your needs such as pre-accounting follow-up, payroll imaging, personnel permit tracking, human resources and expense tracking.

7- Financial Consultancy and Legal Consultancy companies among our group partners support our business partners in the face of legislation and laws


8- Since our establishment, we have invested to staffed, processes and technology, we doing and we will do. With this approach, we have provided trust to hundreds of organizations since our foundation.

Why İstanbulCota Group® ?

 Holistic Business Solutions;   Possibility to provide the services you need for your business from a single service provider

Reasonable price; You don't have to employ additional staff with our outsourcing services

EXTRA; Thre are not costs for software needs, personnel, insurance, compensation 

Confidence ; We provides the highest level of privacy and protection for your information

Comfort; Comfort from the presence of a professional working group that follows, develops and protects your business

Speed; Your business is followed quickly and completely

Reporting; The status of your business and the results of your business activities are reported monthly

Support; Get support for all your questions and needs